We have information and advice on different activities: beaches and natural pools, hiking and walking routes on foot or by vehicle, immersions, photographic stages and workshops, routes of astronomical viewpoints, volcano routes, visits to museums and historical centers as well A wide variety of catering offer and wine routes.



Excursions on the island of Palma. Sighting of cetaceans. Route of the stars. Underwater view.



Canary Live Experience

Dynamic activities to reach unique spots on the island. We want offer an experience between the nature of the Canary islands by offering fun tours suitable for all types of public. All the activities are respectful with the enviroment helping the preservation of nature.




Is an adventure park that is set within nature. Between the trees within the park, wooden platforms at different heights are all interconnected through steel cables, flying foxes, postmans bridges, swingbridges, rope ladders and nets. Exhilarating challenging fun and adventure in the fresh mountain air of La Palma. Experience nature like you haven´t before !!



Divecenter: Casa de buceo Duikhuis La Palma

Scuba Diving is possible all around the world. Lots of unique places to go to. But Scuba Diving on La Palma with ‘Casa de Buceo‘ is slightly different and perhaps unique in its approach. Always with a very high standard of quality, perfect diving gear and always very small groups. Besides that La Palma offers a breathtaking underwater world and an abundant marine life.




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