Casita del Aljibe

“CASITA DEL ALJIBE” (The Water Cistern House)

This house is located in front of the pinewood aljibe (water cistern) of Finca Valentina and it was the house were the old owners.

The pinewood is a very resinous and resistant wood and comes from the Canary Islands pines. It stands perfectly the weather inclemencies, and even though our water cistern is very old and looks a bit damaged, it still works perfectly and it is in use. It still gathers today the rain water that we use to water the gardens and the orchard.

But, due to its old age, more than 150 years, we advise you not to walk over it. We have built a deck around it from where you will be able to enjoy incredible nightfalls in a peaceful setting.

In the same area of the water cistern you will also find a very old small stone sink used to wash up, a stone laundry sink and a drinking through for anim.


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